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Based on our corporate philosophy and decades of experience in the injection molding industry, we are
well aware that every project, from the simplest to the most complex, requires a precise and consolidated
organization to transform the customer's wishes into reality.
From this perspective, New STL offers a 360° service aimed at planning, coordinating, and streamlining
communication flows through a series of defined steps: project goal definition, deadline planning, resource
management, monitoring and control, risk management, communication and coordination, project closure
and result evaluation, post-sale assistance.


This service is specifically designed to offer high quality plastic components with optimal performance,
improving production efficiency, reducing costs and optimizing the properties of the plastic material used in
Our engineers are at complete disposal of the customer from the very early stages of the project to
evaluate together the main requirements of resistance, flexibility, weight, dimensions, aesthetics and
functionality that the component must respect.
Our service therefore includes computer-aided design (CAD), analysis of the molding flow, choice of
material(s), structure optimization, prototyping and testing, with a dedicated focus on sustainability
through a more efficient use of plastic resources.


By implementing this analysis in the development phase, our engineers are able to determine the optimal
position of the injection points and guarantee the best possible control of the temperature of the material
in the mold before starting the production. The moldflow simulation is a very important stage of the
product design phase and allows you to predict the physical behavior of the thermoplastic polymer during
the injection phase, anticipating possible critical issues such as air inclusions, weld lines or signs of sinking.
In this way it is possible to reduce production costs and guarantee the highest quality of the components.


The co-design service proposed by New STL is a specialized offer that involves close collaboration between
the company and its customers and partners to develop a product capable of fully satisfying all project
requirements (technical, aesthetic and/or functional)
An deep knowledge of materials combined with experience in the application of innovative processes and
the ability to find the best solutions in the creation and processing of the finished product, represent the
key elements that New STL makes available to the customer to support him in creating tailor-made
solutions that fully satisfy its needs and exceed its expectations.

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