Injection molding - Aesthetic

New STL is a company specialized in the production of high-quality aesthetic plastic components, designed to excel primarily for their design. Our passion for innovation guides us in creating customized aesthetic solutions capable of enhancing and improving the appearance of vehicles in the automotive sector, as well as trucks and tractors.

From the very early stages of the project, all our know-how is available to the customer to support him in developing a unique product that combines functionality and aesthetics at the same time.

Finally, we employ the most innovative and advanced finishing techniques such as painting, in-mold decoration, pad printing, and decal application to further enhance the components we produce.

| Mechanical Trim

  • Material: PA + ABS GF8
  • It’s a blend of polyamide and ABS that, thanks to a special formulation, allows for the simultaneous benefits of an amorphous and a semi-crystalline product. In particular, the products exhibit an excellent combination of mechanical, thermal, and chemical resistance properties.
  • Applications: Suitable for aesthetic vehicle interiors, with possible pad-printed finishes.

| Headlight bezel

  • Material: Highly aesthetic PA6 GF25.
  • Polyamide 6 is obtained through the polymerization of caprolactam, a material that contains 6 carbon atoms that gives rise to the product’s name.
  • They are semi-crystalline products that exhibit high mechanical strength, creep resistance, good impact resistance, and excellent electrical characteristics. The fiberglass also ensures an excellent component stability.
  • Applications: This material is suitable for vehicle exteriors, including paintable applications such as headlight bezels. The component in the photo features an isochromatic paint finish and pad printing.