Injection molding - 2K

Nowadays, more and more plastic components are being developed and produced by combining different materials. The reason for this choice is primarily the desire to obtain “ready to install” serial parts from an injection mold, thus saving the assembly process, but not only that. In addition to this aspect, what makes the adoption of this technology a win/win strategy is undoubtedly the technical and qualitative performance of the finished product. Through Bi-Material molding, the properties of the raw materials used for the application can be optimized to create a product like no other, with infinite (or almost) application possibilities. In this regard, during the development phase, it is essential to consider factors such as the bonding properties of the plastic materials chosen by the customer, the geometry of the part itself, the technical specifications it must respect, as well as the processing parameters of the injection molding press. Contact us to learn more about this technology: we are confident that together we will find the best solution to meet your needs.

| Air Vent Hvac

Car air conditioner directional flaps

  • Material: PP TD20 + TPV (injection rubber)
  • It is a dynamic blend between EPDM and polypropylene (Proflex) able to offer a combination of excellent thermoplastic and elastomeric properties such as hardness, flexibility, and elasticity. Furthermore, thanks to its characteristics, TPV allows for significant cost savings in the assembly of finished components.
  • Applications: Mainly technical (e.g., air ducts).